Starting From 10 June 2024

Practical + Online Solar Training

Join our 5 days practical + 25 days online certification course for a deep dive into solar energy. Learn theory and hands-on installation from industry experts. Perfect for beginners and professionals.

Practical + Online Sessions ₹40,000/-
Only Practical Sessions ₹30,000/-
Only Online Sessions ₹20,000/-
Recorded sessions ₹10,000/-
Sessions Timing
Practical Sessions 10:00 am to 05:30 pm
Online Sessions 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Total Sessions
Practical Sessions 5 days
Online Sessions 25 days 2 hours each
Total 100 hour sessions
Scholarship Discount
80% marks scored 20% discount
70% marks scored 10% discount


iGrowGreen Academy stands as a beacon of excellence in online training, meticulously curated for Renewable Enthusiasts, Solar Entrepreneurs, DisCom Officers, Grid Engineers, Financial Experts, and students alike. Our academy serves a dual purpose – bridging the gap between the expanding renewable industry and a skilled workforce, while also championing Climate Action and Sustainable Development Goals. 

iGrowGreen Academy

Rise In Renewable Energy Sector Jobs

Jobs are moving towards renewable energy sector


iGrowGreen Academy

Practical + Online Solar Training

Join our 5-days certification course for a deep dive into solar energy. Learn theory and hands-on installation from industry experts. Perfect for beginners and professionals.


kW PV System

Topics Covered: kW system sizing, designing, component selection, String, Inverter, Battery, MPPT, TOD, Depreciation, Site selection, Approvals, Inspections, maintenance, warranty, AMC, CMC, Safety.

Session: 5 Sessions*02hrs = 10hrs session

Fee: ₹5,000

Approx dates: 30 Jan to 8 Feb 2024



Topics Covered: Capex, opex, captive, group captive, open access, KUSUM, MKVYN, Basics case study.

Session: 12 Sessions*02hrs = 24hrs session

Fee: ₹10,000

Approx dates: March first quarter




Topics Covered: Bill analysis, load calculation inverter selection, Battery selection & sizing Module selection, sizing & collections wire selection & sizing, warranty condition Safety, availability in market, cost maintenance

Session: 5 Sessions*02hrs = 10hrs session

Fee: ₹5,000

Approx dates: February Second quarter


Green Hydrogen

Topics Covered: Enroll in our courses to gain expertise in Green Hydrogen technology and contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly future.
Session: 10 Sessions*02hrs = 20hrs session
Fee: ₹10,000
Approx dates: 25th March 2024


Electricity Laws & Land Laws

Designed to cultivate expertise in laws and policies for solar, providing a comprehensive understanding of legal frameworks and regulations.
Session: 6 Sessions*02hrs = 12hrs session
Fee: ₹10,000
Approx dates: May second quarter


EV Charging + Solar

Dive into the future of sustainable energy with our expert courses in EV Charging + Solar. Gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on skills for a green energy revolution. Elevate your expertise!
Session: 6 Sessions*02hrs = 12hrs session
Fee: ₹5,000
Approx dates: May first quarter

Our Students Portfolio

We’re incredibly proud of our students! Over 200 of them have graduated from our solar energy training program, and they’re already making waves in the industry. Here, you can explore their amazing projects and achievements testament to the exciting careers solar power offers. We’re passionate about equipping the next generation with the skills to build a brighter, more sustainable future, powered by the sun!

IGROWGREEN Academy Online Training Features

At iGrowGreen Academy, we take pride in offering a curriculum crafted by industry leaders. Learn the most relevant and up-to-date information that matters in the real-world solar sector.

Instructional Support from Live Instructors

Our online courses are taught by the industry expert instructors. All of our instructors are actively working in the solar industry and are experts in the field.

Online Forums & Discussions

The next best thing to actually sitting in one of our in-person classes is to be able to see that exact same instructor teaching the exact same curriculum through a streaming video format.

Comprehensive Knowledge

Don't just scratch the surface. Our curriculum delves deep into the intricacies of On-Grid projects, covering system design intricacies, component selection strategies, and the art of seamless grid integration.

Engaging Exercises & Lab Video Examples

The best way to understand the technical theory found in renewable energy technologies is by seeing and doing. Our lab facility videos and exercises are great learning resources.

Test Your Technical Knowledge

Lesson Quizzes throughout the SEI Online Campus help ensure you are learning the content and provides proof that a high level of understanding has been achieved.

Help-desk Technical Support

Having any kinds of issues with your internet, computer, or browser? Our Help-desk team can help troubleshoot your issues and get you back on track.

Frequently asked questions

Is there any previous experience, special qualification required for this training?

No age limit, No previous experience. No special qualification required to join this course, though there will be initial screening of candidates. Basically, our ideas or expectations should match. The main intention is to have a structured training from the experts of industry.

Understand the policy procedure and guidelines of govt to promote solar industry.

Days of training & platform of training?
Sessions Timing
Practical Sessions 10:00 am to 05:30 pm
Online Sessions 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm
How many sessions are there?

Practical Sessions 5 days
Online Sessions 30 days 2 hours each
Total 100 hour sessions

What we will get in these classes?

After completing this training or while training phase you will get the relevant manuals, E books, policy procedure updates, Interaction with experts Dedicated page on our


Promotional video on our channel about your activities 


Entry in our community: iGrowGreen (all contacts/all students group) 


You will get to know the manufacturers / dealers and associates of this industry 

Will we get any certificate after the classes?

Yes, you will get a certificate of participation at the end of the course.


You will also get the govt. certificate ( SCGJ – Skill council of green jobs ) – you have to attend their online exam.

Fees of the training?

Online Interactive Solar Training For Business and Job Fess: ₹ 40,000/-

Fees For Solar Training For Business and Job Recorded Session: ₹30000/-

*EMI options available through payment gateway

Any discount for any category?

10,000 discount  is applicable for female candidates

(This discount is not applicable in recorded sessions)

*EMI Option is available through payment gateway

What if I don’t want to continue the training?

You are requested to think twice before joining these classes, but its your option to attend / continue the classes.

Can we bring our friend’s in the classes?

No, there is no scope for proxy attendance, as we keep on checking the participants from the webcam. only registered students can join / attend these classes.

Can I get the refund of my fees?

Yes, you can demand a refund within 10 hours of joining no refund policy will be applicable after 10 hours/scope for any refund, we have taken care of for the complete satisfaction of our participants.

Will the students get dedicated support on quotation / design/ sizing after the classes or during the classes?

The main intention of this training is to equip you on all these activities, quotation preparation / DPR/ drawing / designing/ sizing will be taught in the training tenure, so first you have to complete the training and after that we are sure that you will be capable of doing all these activities on by yourself.

Though you will be a part of our “iGrowGreen Academy “group and you can ask / demand for any support from our earlier batch students / experts.

For that the rule of thumb is “you have to talk and keep relations to get some support”  

What is the batch intake?

 Yes the max number of participants is fixed , its max 50 no’s, so first come first join formula is also applicable 

Any special discount on services or products offered by iGrowGreen Academy

 Yes, our students & associates will get special discount / consideration on the products & services offered by our platform “iGrowGreen Academy“ 

Will I be given any Job Placement assistance?

 100% Placement assistance is given. We have on boarded big solar players for placement after your course completion.

Will the assistance for business setup will also be provided?

Yes, we have Industry collaboration with almost all big giants in Solar Industry & we can surely help you to get Dealership & Distributorship in your city. We also help you in all business documentation.