Mr. Ajit Bahadur
Mr. Ajit Bahadur
Ajit Bahadur is an solar industry veteran with 15+ years of experience, promoting sustainable energy in India. Expert in solar products, government policies, and applications and trends. Record-holder for 500+ educational videos. Renowned online solar trainer, shaping the industry's future.
Mrs. Radhika Savalia
She has a rich background in renewable energy & environmental research. She's held key roles including Senior Project Officer at NSW Government, Tariff Specialist at OpenSolar, & Project Officer at GERMI. With international experience in India & Australia, she's a dynamic force in shaping sustainable energy policies & initiatives.
Mr. Himanshu Desai
Mr. Himanshu Desai
An accomplished expert in kW PV Systems, brings his wealth of knowledge from Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute (GERMI). With a robust background and experience, Himanshu is a valuable asset, contributing to advancements in solar energy research and technology at GERMI.
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Mr. Raj Anupam
Meet Mr. Raj Anupam, an expert bridging the gap between EV charging and solar power. His deep experience guides learners as they navigate the practicalities of solar-powered EV charging. Join him on a journey where theory meets real-world impact, empowering you to explore the future of green mobility.
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Mrs. Shweta Mishra
Shweta Shukla, a solar energy expert with over 6 years of experience in renewables, is the founder of Solar Mastery School, recognized as the best solar training school of its kind. Shweta's passion is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to become leaders in the renewable energy revolution
Mr. Shatrughan Yadav
Mr. Shatrughan a experienced Technical Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the renewables and environment industry. Skilled in SCADA, Electrical Wiring, Project Management, Power Systems, and Engineering. Strong engineering professional with a BE focused in Electrical from Gujarat University.
Dr. Yogesh Kumar Singh
Dr. Yogesh Kumar Singh, a leading light in Green Hydrogen technology, joins us as an expert! His vast knowledge and practical experience will guide you on the path to a sustainable future. Dr. Singh's passion for clean energy makes him a force for good, and his courses offer valuable insights for building a greener tomorrow.
Mr. Sudhir Budhay
Meet our passionate Solar Evangelist Mr. Sudhir Budhay, Combining technical expertise with a vision for a clean future, they're your guide to navigating solar projects and achieving sustainable energy solutions. Let their dedication and experience illuminate your path to a brighter tomorrow!
Mr. Raj Singh Niranjan
Renowned Electricity & Land Law expert Mr. Raj Singh Niranjan brings a wealth of experience to your learning journey. He dives beyond theory, offering real-world case studies and practical applications to empower you with a nuanced understanding of legal complexities. Join him for a transformative experience at the intersection of legal knowledge and practical application.