Practical Training 1 Highlights


Shri Dinesh Jagdale, Joint Secretary of MNRE, delivered an inspiring welcome speech. He emphasized the ambitious goal of installing 10000000 solar systems and 300000 workforce required currently highlighting the critical importance of acquiring skilled training to thrive in the solar industry.

→ Inauguration by Dr. Biswajit Roy & Dr. Akash Davda

Dr. Biswajit Roy, Director General of GERMI & Dr. Akash Davda officially inaugurated the training session, marking the beginning of a transformative journey in solar hybrid training.

Topics Covered on Our First Day of Practical Training

  • Solar On-Grid System
  • Solar Off-Grid System
Hands-On Activities:
  • Series Connections
  • Parallel Connections
  • Shadow Effect
  • Module Mismatch
  • Angle, Orientation, and Direction
  • Electrical Parameters: Voltage, Current, Resistance

DAY 2 session led by Mr. K. Venkata Rajesh! A seasoned solar veteran with 19+ years of experience, Mr. K. Venkata Rajesh is currently the Director of Greenmax Energy Pvt Ltd.

Hands-On Activities:

  • Solar On-Grid System: Overview and components
  • Installation & Safety: Essential tools and safety features
  • Maintenance: Tools and techniques for system upkeep
  • PV System Overview: Modules, inverters, structures, etc.
  • Design & Layout: Efficient system designing for optimum performance
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Mr. DEVANG JOSHI Founder, RUDRA SOLAR ENERGY leading the way. From cooking Maggie and rice in a solar cooker to drying neem leaves in a solar dryer, it was hands-on learning at its best.

We dived deep into the workings of the dryer and solar cooker, understanding the mechanisms behind their efficiency.

Adding to the insights, we were honored to host Mr. Cecil Augustine (National Sales and Marketing head at Adani Solar) our esteemed chief guest, who shared valuable perspectives on the vast opportunities in the solar energy sector.

To cap it off, we got our hands dirty with the installation of a 7 kW system and an enlightening session on the workings of green hydrogen systems.


Day four session led by Chirag Patel Sir he provided a comprehensive session on bill analysis and the costing of solar systems. He used examples of 2, 3, 5, and 10 KW systems to explain the cost of components such as panels, ACDB/DCDB, LA Earthing, and taxes. Participants also learned about the profit margins involved in the solar business, offering a deep dive into the industry from both job and business perspectives.

Participants conducted insulation resistance testing for AC and DC cables using a Megger, which helps identify potential problems with insulation like damage or degradation.

Mr. Anuj Yadav, Director of Thyra Drives, conducted a theory and practical session on VFD drives and their use in solar water pumps. He also provided an in-depth explanation of the Solar Atta Chakki.


Certificate distribution by Legendary trendsetter Mr. Deepak Gadhia

KW to MW Solar Training

Visit to Solar module manufacturing setup at PDEU – Contendre Greenergy Pvt Ltd.

Warm welcome by Mr. Dharmin Sheth Managing Director at Contendre Greenergy Private Limited

Visit to MW level ground-mounted solar power plant at the Pandit Deendayal Energy University (PDEU) campus

KW to MW Solar Training