PM Surya Ghar Solar Vendor​ Registration Training

Join our 4-day online training and become a registered vendor on the PM Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojana Rooftop Solar Portal!

Fee: ₹ 4999
Session Timing: 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Total Sessions: 4 Online Sessions

Become a PM Surya Ghar: Muft Bijli Yojana Verified Solar Vendor

In the solar industry, the need for empaneled vendors arises from several key factors that contribute to the successful implementation, operation, and maintenance of solar projects. Empaneling vendors involves pre-qualifying and enlisting reliable suppliers, installers, and service providers who meet specific criteria set by the organization or regulatory bodies. Here are some reasons why empaneled vendors are crucial in the solar industry:

Solar Vendor registration


Becoming an empaneled vendor on the National Rooftop Solar Portal involves a series of steps that typically include meeting specific eligibility criteria, submitting necessary documentation, and undergoing an evaluation process. Below are the general steps to become an empaneled vendor:

Day 1: Demystifying Empanelment - Benefits & Importance

  • The booming solar industry and its future potential.
  • Why becoming a PM Surya Ghar vendor matters.
  • Ensuring high-quality products and services through empanelment.
  • Streamlining procurement and regulatory compliance.
  • Accessing skilled and experienced vendors.
  • Risk mitigation and fostering sustainable practices.
  • Market competitiveness and staying ahead of the curve.

Day 2: Navigating the National Rooftop Solar Portal

  • Breakdown of vendor eligibility criteria.
  • Detailed explanation of required documentation.
  • Accessing and registering your company on the portal.
  • Step-by-step guide on filling out the application form.
  • Understanding the evaluation and verification process.

Day 3: Empanelment Success on the National Portal

  • Specific steps for India’s National Rooftop Solar Portal.
  • Guided tour of the portal functionalities and registration.
  • Technical & financial evaluation criteria used for approvals.
  • Notification procedures and vendor listing on the portal.

Day 4: Training & Compliance for Empaneled Vendors

  • Continuous Compliance Practices & Guidelines
  • The importance of adhering to set guidelines and standards.
  • Tips and strategies for long-term success as a vendor.
  • Open Q&A session to address any remaining questions.

Who Should Attend?

  • Solar Businesses: Existing solar companies looking to expand their reach and gain access to new project opportunities.
  • Startups & Entrepreneurs: Individuals or new businesses interested in entering the growing solar energy market.
  • Electrical Contractors: Electrical contractors seeking to add solar panel installation to their service offerings.
  • Product Suppliers: Companies that manufacture or distribute solar energy products who want to become authorized vendors.
  • Professionals in Transition: Individuals with relevant experience seeking a career shift into the solar industry. 

Frequently asked questions

What is empanelment and why is it important?

Empanelment is a process where vendors are pre-qualified and enlisted as reliable suppliers for solar projects. It ensures quality, streamlines procurement, and promotes compliance.

Who should attend this training?

This training is ideal for companies interested in becoming registered vendors on the PM Surya Ghar Rooftop Solar Portal.

What format is the training in?

The training is a 4-day online program conducted via Zoom, 2 hours each day.

What is the cost of the training?

The training fee is ₹4,999. Enroll Now

How can I register for the training?
You can register through the form on our website or by contacting us on WhatsApp at 7753072967
What are the deadlines for registration?

We recommend registering early as seats are limited. Check our website for specific deadlines.

Does the training cover the specific steps for India's National Rooftop Solar Portal?

Yes, there’s a dedicated section explaining the process for empanelment on the Solar Rooftop Phase-II program.

What will I learn about bank guarantees (BG)?

The training covers BG format requirements and their role in the empanelment process.

Are there any resources provided besides the training?

Yes, participants will receive access to exclusive downloadable materials and a supportive online community.